All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health and Wellbeing call for practice examples

As part of an Inquiry into the role of the arts in health and social care, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health and Wellbeing (APPGAHW) is seeking examples of the arts and culture influencing health and wellbeing outcomes.

The National Alliance of Musicians in Healthcare (The Alliance) is currently being formed by a working group of practitioners to represent a wide range of Music in Healthcare practice and practitioners.  The Alliance seeks to put forward a submission to the Inquiry, and as such, we are gathering information from across the Music in Healthcare sector to feed into this submission. Contributors are asked to (formally) sign up to the Alliance as part of their submission here (link). It is understood that in doing so, contributors are in support of the mission statement and aims of the Alliance and support its work in advocating for Music in Healthcare practice in the UK.

In submitting this information collectively to the APPG, we  are presenting a unified voice  that represents our growing, professional sector. Responding to the inquiry as an Alliance enables us to advocate strongly for our collective work across the UK and to  influence policy makers in government. We hope this will lead to increased support for our  work and greater inclusion of music-making as part of healthcare in the UK.

The Inquiry is interested in examples of practice from the past decade, where there is reasonably reliable evidence of outcomes or evidence that a pilot or new approach has promise. Engagement might involve attendance at events, participation in creative activity etc.  Outcomes might refer to physical or mental health and/or wellbeing.  While not necessarily having been published before, practice examples might be forthcoming from arts, cultural, health or social care organisations, charities, government departments, businesses, community groups and others.

The final compiled submission is limited to just 1000 words.  Please keep your contribution succinct in order that we may represent as wide a range of practice as possible.
(we recommend a maximum of 500 words) 

Please note that the information you give will be edited as part of the Alliance’s final submission which will be shared publicly.

Finally, you will need to submit a signed release form to accompany the information you give. This can be downloaded here.

Submit Your Example Below

Title, aims and objectives, funding source(s), timescale and delivery dates, context, location and setting.
Include details of artistic approach and participant engagement.
Roles and responsibilities, quality assurance, cost to participants, ethics and consent.
Please share links to relevant video/audio files, evaluation/research reports etc. If you have digital materials that are not currently available online, please contact us. We may be able to host files online for you.
Completed Release Form? *
All submitters MUST complete the KCL release form (downloadable above) and send to before submitting evidence.

The working group, currently establishing the National Alliance of Musicians in Healthcare comprises the following:

  • Jane Bentley (Art Beat, Scotland)
  • Phoene Cave (London, South East)
  • Nick Cutts (OPUS Music CIC, East Midlands)
  • Joe Danks (Pulse Arts CIC, London, South East)
  • Mary Dunsford (Harp in Healthcare, North West)
  • Rachel Fillhart (Cascade Music CIC, North West)
  • Ros Hawley (Lime Music for Health, North West)
  • Dave McKenny (Pulse Arts CIC, London, South East)
  • Ruby Swift (Vocal Connections CIC, West Midlands)
  • Jo White (Wishing Well, South East)

Full details of the Inquiry can be found here.